Saturday, 27 May 2017

South West Coast of Victoria

          Victoria is one of the states of Australia and famous for its numerous places of interests such as museums, beaches for swimming and for surfing plus other water sports, camping and hiking, nature trekking and many more. One of its famous places is its South West coast territory which basically is composed of the coastline between Geelong on the Western edge of Port Phillip and the equally familiar town of Nelson down near the SA border.

          And for those whose interest is into camping, sharing with you on this post a few of the interesting campsites which are specifically located in parks and reserves: 

" 1. Cobboboonee National Park- oftenly described as a combination of wetlands, forests and heathlands,  one can reach this area by traversing through the Princess Hwy between Portland and Datmoor. This site is quite popular to those who are fond of hikinh and horseriding. 

2. Blanket Bay Camping Area- situated near the ocean beach going to the South West of Apollo Bay, this is one of the early favourites for those who love nature and trekking activities. And if one wishes to continue a little more along the way, he then can found the familiar  Historic Cape Otway Light Station. 

3. Hammonds Road Camping Area- plenty of open space at this campground up in the far north of the national park. Back towards the coast close to Aireys Inlet, nice short walks include the easy Distillery Creek Nature Trail and the Moggs Creek Circuit. 

4. Sharps Track Camping Area- this one is up on the hinterland behing Lorne. To stretch your legs, head to the nearby Sheoak Picnic Area and follow the well-graded trail to Upper and Lower Kalimna Falls. "  

Source- Camping Around Australia published by Explore Australia Publishing Pty and Ltd. 2013 

          Thus check one of those mentioned camping sites above and enjoy your nature friendly activities together with your loved ones. Free yourself from stress by embracing nature. 

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Working Abroad: Is It Positive or Negative?

          Nowadays, a large number of people travel far away from home in order to find a decent job. Indeed lots of sacrifices are being offered so as to materialise such big dreams for loved ones. Bringing bright future to the family is always a priority to families and this is very inspiring though as its downside, very difficult as well. Just the simple thought of not being able to be physically present to one's family means a lot of pain on both sides. 

          The situation becomes more challenging when the children are still young. Being young, this is the period that they need the most the guidance coming from both mother and father. What makes it harder is the phenomenon nowadays that too much advancement has been happening around us and the possibilities of either growth or decline  of the children is oftentimes a reality.

         That now has become a strong challenge on those who want to spend time and work far away from home. Though it is also true that the fruits of all these sacrifices are bountiful but all affected individuals (both kids and grown ups) must be prepared to face the consequence of such choice. 

          In the end, weighing all possibilities plays a big role in the success or the reverse of  the decision. Being present to the family is very crucial while on the other hand, bringing them a bright future is also another huge consideration. Hence, reflect for a long time things and options properly before deciding to stay away from your loved ones.  


Thursday, 26 January 2017

Philip Island: Awesome

          On the celebration of 2017 Australia Day, my family and I made a road trip going to Philip Island. While on the road nearing our destination, what was visible was the long queue of people who wanted to visit the wonders of the island. According to Wikipedia, " Philip Island is an Australian Island about 140 km (87 mi) south-southeast of Melbourne, Victoria.

   Named after Arthur Phillip, the first governpr of New South Wales, Philip Island forms a natural breakwater for the shallow waters of the Western Port. It is 26 km (16 mi) long and 9 km (5.6 mi) wide, with an area of about 100 square km. It has 97 km (40 sq mi) of coastline and is [art of the Bass Coast Shire." Source: Wikipedia- the free encyclopedia.

         Watching the scenic views along the way from Princess Highway going to the place, we watched in awe the exciting picturesque surroundings full of life around us and on both sides of the road. Our first stop was the equally known Forrest Caves.  "These are actually the sea caves formed by erosion. They are located just before the Surf Beach Estate, left off the main Philip Island Road. Walk up the steps from the carpark on to the beach, then turn left. The caves are only accessible at low tide. A 45 minute return walk, passing by large sand dunes, which are home to thousands of shearwaters from October to April. " Source:

         After enjoying the beach and the superb caves, we proceeded to our next destination, the Cape Wollomai Safety Beach. " Running from the bridge at Newhaven to the old granite rocks of Cape Wollomai, it has a deep water off the beach at high tide and tidal flats at low tide. It is popular for swimming, stand up paddle boarding, jet skiing and beach walks." Source:

          Hence, after spending some time to these two favourite destinations, we headed back to Melbourne bringing with us the fantastic memories of the famous Philip Island trip. 

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Time is Here

          As we celebrate the season of Christmas, let us be grateful to all that has been this year and let us also welcome with such positive energy the coming year 2017. All throughout this year, many events have happened in all parts of the world.

 Wherever we are, there are always both sides of the coin that go together with every event. 

          And to help us welcome the new year, let us be thankful to all the good things that had happened to us this year. Meanwhile, let us also learn to forget the bad things that happened to us this year. That instead of focusing on their bad effects on us, we rather focus on what then could be positive outcome that we can gain from them.

         Thus, thanks a lot for this year's good times and welcome to the coming year. Remember always that there is so much to feel grateful each day. 

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Sharing Interesting Places in South Australia

          Widely known for its wineries especially in the Adelaide areas, South Australia also offers a wide range of amazing things to explore both for visitors and locals alike. Sme of these interesting places are the wine country, Fleurieu Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula, Limestone Coast, Kangaroo Island, Eyre Peninsula and Nullarbur, and many others.

Adelaide's One Known Winery

         And speaking about camping, some of the notable campsites are West Bay Camping area, Shell Beach camping area, Memory Cover camping area, Koolamon Camping Area, Cullyamurra Waterhole camping area and many others. 

         Just to give you some ideas on where to go for camping here then are examples of campsites worthy of visiting in South Australia. First of those campsites is Belair National Park. And campsites here which are known for their enticing attributes are:

" Rocky Paddock camping area- a large open campground set among rocky outcrops on the edge of the forest plantation, this site is 1 km from the information centre off Tower Rd. There is water here but it is not suitable for drinking, so carry your own.

sand dunes

The Old School House camping area- on the Heysen trail, this historic building in the north of the Reserve sleeps 8 and has tent spaces close by. You'll find it 9 km east of Williamstown, from Springton Rd.

Mount Crawford camping area (bush camping)- for self- efficient walkers there are assorted bush camping options along the Heysen Trail, with walk - in access only including 2 huts. The information office can provide details. " -  Camping Around Australia by Explore Australia Publishing Pty Ltd Edition 2



Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Amazing City of Sydney

          Last December 25, 26 and 27, we had a great time visiting the wonderful city of Sydney. Being known for its vibrant and amazing environment, Sydney is known for so many things such as arts and culture, events, nature and parks, family holidays, shopping, food and wine, and many more. Hence for our short stay in that wonderful city,  we have covered not that much but the feeling of satisfaction and awesome due to the delightful experiences that we have will always be remembered. 

          And we are also very much thankful to our hosts, our two great buddies, Josh and Erwin, for spending time with me and my wife, Yanyan so that we will really have a memorable stay in Sydney. Thus, we were so lucky to have the chance to visit the following sites of the city: Sydney City itself (Sydney Harbour, Darling Harbour, Circular Quay), Sydney East (Bondi Beach), and Sydney North (Manly). We fell short of time to visit other fabulous places such as Sydney South and West.

          Our visit to Circular Quay was highlighted by the Opera House pictorial. We took photos of this enormously popular and historical site. Not far away, we also took photos of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. Then we proceeded to catch the Hop On Hop Off- Sydney's tourist bus service. Due to time constraint we were limited in visiting wonderful places in Sydney and some of those we were fortunate to see by our eyes were the Saint Mary's Cathedral, Cook and Philip Parks, King's Cross and El Alamein Fountain.

          Then we changed bus and proceeded to the world famous Bondi Beach and took magnificent photos there. The following day, we had the chance to visit and enjoy the ever friendly environment of Manly Beach. Indeed, this Sydney holiday was a great opportunity for me and my wife to enjoy the historical city of Sydney.


Sunday, 29 November 2015

Anglesea: A Famous Seaside Town in Victoria

          Anglesea town is one among the famous towns along the Great Ocean Road stretch same alongside Torquay and the Aireys Inlet of Victoria, Australia. What makes it a famous one is the surrounding forest and the coastal scenery which greatly offers any visitor a sigh of wonderment on how nature unfolds on this exotic town. 

          All throughout the year, many tourists, both international and local, come and visit the place for they constantly enjoy and being refreshed by the ambiance of the place.  To host this number of visitors each year, there are accommodations that can be explored within the town and and the neighbouring areas. To mention some of them, these are  Anglesea Beachfront Family Caravan Park, Anglesea Cabin, Anglesea Heights, Anglesea Overboard Seaside Cottage, and Cosy Anglesea Retreat. 


          When in Anglesea, some of the interesting activities that one can venture into are the following: golf, cycling, fishing, horse riding, four wheel driving, swimming, boating, sailing etc.. If one enjoys exploring the taste of the town, he can visit any of these famous places: Uber Mama, Ocean Corner Cafe, Sea Eyes, Anglesea Golf Club, and Mc Gain's Nursery, Cafe and Food Store. 

          Hence, if you wish to explore the scenic beauty of Victoria in particular Anglesea town, book your trip now and spend sometime on any of these named wonderful places.