Saturday 10 February 2024

Best Places to Visit In Victoria Australia in 2024

          Victoria is a beautiful state in Australia with many attractions and activitiues to enjoy. According to National Geographic, it is one of the most exciting destinations to visit in the world. Here are some  of the latest places to visit in 2024 based on various sources.

1. Philip Island- the island is famous for its wildlife, especially the Penguin parade, where you can watch thousands of little penguins return to their burrows at sunset. You can also visit the Philip Island  Chocolate Factory where you can see the largest chocolate waterfall and indulge in some sweet treats.

2. The Grampians- this is a stunning National park with rugged mountains, waterfalls, Aboriginal rock art, and diverse flora and fauna. You can hike, camp, rock climb, or take a scenic drive through the park and admire the views. 

3. Mornington Peninsula- this is a popular seaside destination with sandy beaches, natural hot springs, wineries, golf courses, and charming towns. . You can relax, swim, surf, sail, or pamper yourself at the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs. 

4. Bendigo- this is a historic city that was once the centre of the gold rush in Victoria. You can explore the heritage buildings, museums, art galleries, and gardens, or try a luck at finding gold at Soveriegn Hill, a recreated 19th century mining town.

5. Healesville- this is a quaint town in the Yarra Valley, a renowned wine region in Victoria. You can taste some of the finest wines, cheeses and chocolates or visit the Healesville Sancturary, a wildlife park that showcases native Australian animals.

6. Daylesford- this is a spa town that is known for its mineral of springs, wellness centres and holistic therapies. You can rejuvenite your body and mind, or explore the surrounding countryside, which has lakes, forests and gardens.

Image by xiSerge from Pixabay

7. Dandenong Ranges- this is a mountain range that offers a tranquil escape from the city. You can enjoy the lush greenery, exotic plants and wildlife or take a ride on the puffing billy, a historic steam train that runs through the hills.

8. Ballarat- this. is another city that has a rich gold rush history and culture. You can visit the Ballarat Wildlife Park, where you can see kangaroes, koalas, crocodiles, and other animals. It is also the 3rd largest city in Victoria and known for its 1851 gold rush.

          Hence these are but just a few of those interesting palces that one can visit when in Victoria Australia. 

Thursday 1 June 2023

Visit to Myrtleford, Victoria

     Bonding moments with the family is always something special for me. And last April of this year, me and my family had the chance to visit one of the iconic places here in Victoria Australia. Just to give everyone a little background of Myrtleford, allow me to share with you the following facts about it here:

" Myrtleford- is a town situated in the northeast part of Victoria, Australia and that is 280 km (170 miles) northeast of Melbourne and 46 km (29 mikes) southeast of Wangaratta. It is part of the Alpine Shire local government area and in the year 2016, it had a population of about 3,193 people."  - Source-

     Hence, we stayed there for two days and two nights in one of their popular hotels- the Myrtleford Hotel. As soon as we arrived in the place, we started right away exploring the busy downtown area with all the visiting local and international travellers in town. When we were there, they had a festival wherein food of various kinds plus live band were on display. Then when we had the chance we went to Bright, another popular tourist destination due to its heaps if exciting sceneries and wide variety of flowers that become so delightful to the eyes especially on seasons of Fall and Autumn. 

     Then we also had the time to visit Mount Beauty and we were mesmerised by the excellent display of mother nature in the area. Their collection of flowers and plants were great plus the surrounding mountains depict such a feeling of awe and stillness. Hence, we always savour our memories in those places and we are ones of those fortunate people to see them in person. 


Saturday 16 April 2022

Wilson's Promontory: Victoria, Australia

     After a long overdue of my update on this blog, I am now sharing with you my latest entry: the Wilson's Promontory in Victoria, Australia. When you visit this beautiful state of Australia, Victoria prides itself as the state which owns several places of interests for all tourists: local and non local.Depending on your area of interest whether camping or hiking or mountain trekking, Victoria is the state that offers all of them.

     One of the favourite places for tourists in Victoria is Wilson's Promontory. " It is also known as Yiruk and Wamoon in the Gunai and Bunwurrung languages respectively. It is a peninsula that forms the southermost part of the Australian mainland. South Point is the southernmost tip of Wilson's Promontory and hence of mainland Australia. Located at nearby South East Point is the Wilson's Promontory Lighthousde. "-  Source:

Image by sabinamajoor from Pixabay 

Areas of Interests in Wilson's Promontory:

1. " Barry Creek camping area- on this campoing site, one can't stay for more than two nights. From the carpark on Five Mile Rd which leads east of Wilson's Promontory Rd, it's a walk of 6.2 km to Barry Creek.

2. Five Mile Beach camping area- Five Mile Beach arrows along the eastern coast of Wilson's Promontory between Monkey point and the headland that hides gorgeous Sealer's Cove. This generous sweep of sand is a great place for beachcombing, swimmiing or just nap while the ocean laps the shore.

3. Halfway Cut camping Area- Walkers keen on getting to the lighthouse perched on the southeaster btip of the prontory stride down Telegraph TRack from Telegrapg Saddle and stop for a breather after 7 km at Halfway Hut. 

4. Lower Barry Creek camping area- From the Five Mile Rd carpoark, you'll need to walk for 9.7 km to reach Lower Barry Creek- the route leads east down Five Mile Rd before branching North on a separate trail that starts just to the west of Barry Creek."- Source- Camping Around Australia,

      There you go, I have just shared with you some of the popular spots in Wilson's Promontory so that you can pick your choice to stay and unwind on any of your rest day. 


Saturday 21 August 2021

The Beauty of Ireland

    Ireland is a place that should be included in one's bucket list for travelling.  This country is well known for its being wild yet such a very wonderful country. Ireland actually is an island that belongs to the north Atlantic Ocean, and it is also known fore being divided into two: Ireland which occupies five- sixths of Ireland Island, and west of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, this one being a part of the United Kingdom. 

    With regard to its population, it is not yet considered as a big country and as a matter of fact, one- third of its people live in Dublin which is also known for being its capital.  Dublin which means "town of the hurdled ford" is derived from the Irish name Dubhlinn, meaning "black pool". This is situated in the province of Leinster near the midpoint of Ireland's east coast, as the mouth of the River Liffe and the centre of the Dublin Region"- from Wikipedia, free encyclopedia.

    One of those many reasons why Ireland is so popular to visitors especially to tourists is the people itself. Local Ireland people are known to be so friendly to visitors. They're such a hardworking group and they own that passion for a less stressful life. When it comes to their families, they also practice and maintain close family ties among them.    

         One other area in which the country is known for is its love for literature. All throughout their history, Irish people are known to be so rich when it comes to loving and preserving the country's literature. In fact, listed as one of the famous authors who contributed a vast and made a positive impression of Ireland itself is Christy Nicholas. She has written some books and a popular one is focused on Ireland. The title of this book is Ireland- Mythical, Magical, Mystical: A Guide to Hidden Ireland. 

    Sharing with you an excerpt from this famous author, " I've been to Ireland several times, and it holds a special place in my heart. Ireland is 'mo anam an Blaile", my soul's home in Irish. It is a place I feel comforted, warm and welcome.  I wish to share some of this peace and serenity with others. Please, feel free to join me in my journey through Ireland, its history, mystery and magic."

    Hence, if time allows for travel, include in your bucket list this wonderful and magnificent country called Ireland. 


Tuesday 1 January 2019

Mornington Peninsula

        As previously mentioned, the state of Victoria is such a rich state in many matters like natural resources, dairy products, cultural traditions etc. One of its richness is its richness in scenic spots and various  tourist attractions which could not escape the eyes and taste of any visitor. 
Photo by Marc Zimmer on Unsplash

         Thus allow me to share on today's post Victoria's famous tourist destination,  the Mornington Peninsula. "It is a peninsula located south-east of Melbourne, Victoria. It is surrounded by Port Phillip to the west, Western Port to the east and Bass Strait to the south, And it is connected to the mainland in the north. Geographically the peninsula begins its protrusion from the mainland in the area between Pearcedale and an area south of Frankston. "- source- Wikipedia- the free encyclopedia

         Depending on one's interests, yet allow me to share here some information about Mornington Peninsula.

* " Possible Marine Activities: the uniqueness of this diving area includes different types of places of interests such as its sandy beaches to the ruggedness of its mountains. Areas popular to visitors are:

1. Bayplay- 3755 pt Nepean Road Portsea
2. Bay Fish N Trips- Mornington Pier, Schnapper point Dr, Mornington
3. Moonraker Dolphin Swims- 7 George Street, Sorrento (bookings essential)

* Several land attractions and activities: one can have plenty of options here to share with others noteworthy activities such as exploring the rugged terrain of the place, or try tree surfing and if not, find yourself lost and survived the challenging mazes.

1. Arthurs Seat Eagle- 1085 Arthurs Seat Road, Dromana, 
2. Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens- 15 Shoreham Rd, Shoreham
3. The Enchanted Adventure Garden - Mazes and Tube Slides- 55 Purves Road, Arthurs Seat

* Golf Courses and Resorts- for those golf enthusiasts out there, enjoy the 18 courses to choose from both senior and social golfers. Meet new friends by engaging yourself to a funfilled  round of golf.

1. Bay Views Golf Course- Elizabeth Dr, Rosebud
2. Mercure Portsea Golf Club- 46 London Bridge Rd, Portsea
3. Mt. Martha Golf Course- Forest Dr, Mt Martha"

         Aside from these exciting line up of possible activities shared here, there are other wonderful places of interests that one can cherish. For more information about the place, visit their website:


Saturday 6 January 2018


          October 2017- I, my family and some friends had the chance to enjoy the view of the state forest up to the highest point of the Mornington Peninsula aboard the Arthurs Seat Eagle. As one of the tourist attractions of Victoria, this state of the art gondola and termed as Eagle can carry passengers from the summit of Arthurs Seat going down to the Base station and vice versa. 

         On top of it, it also has a combination of enclosed and open cabins to provide an all weather experience for passengers.

For 15 minutes, the passengers can enjoy the view from the top seeing the wonderful scenery of Mornington Peninsula including Dromana itself.

          According to its recent history, "the Gondolas was installed in 2016. This happened after the previous chairlift suffered and encountered accidents thus resulting to its years of planning and looking for a new management.
By early 2013, the old pylons were removed and the top stations was demolished. The Arthurs Seat lookout tower was also demolished after many years of being unsafe to operate due to concrete cancer. 

          In June 2014, Mornington Shire Council approved the plans for the new chairlift. Construction works for the new chair lift- the Skylift- and associated upper and lower complexes began in 2015 and was due to be completed in the Summer of 2016/2017." ---Source:,_Victoria

            With the surrounding panorama, we could not help but greatly appreciate what we observed around us. After the ride, we visited the rest of the scenes at the peak and shared our bountiful blessings. Thus, for any visitor of Victoria, local and non- local,
if ever he has the chance to visit Arthurs Eagle Seat, then he will surely appreciate everything on it.


Wednesday 15 November 2017

Come to Vanuato

          Wanting to go to any island in the Pacific? Then try spending your time in the beautiful country of Vanuato. " This famous island is situated in the South Pacific ocean. This archipelago is some 1,740 kilometer east of northern Australia, 540 kilometeres northeast of New Caledonia and southeast of the Solomon Islands and west of Fiji.

         Just a bit on the part of its history, in the 1880s both France and the United Kingdom both claimed parts of the archipelago and in the 1906, they agreed on a framework for jointly managing the archipelago as the New Hebrides through an Anglo-French condominium."  - Source: Wikipedia- the Free Encyclopedia

         When you are inside this beautiful country already, some suggestions on what to do are the following: visiting their heritage and art, touring around the various parts of the country and enjoying the outdoor with the family, or if you are a fan of different exquisiteness, you can also explore the richness in their food offerings

         On the other hand, some of the points of interests as well as landmarks are listed below:

1. Million Dollar Bay
2. Underwater Post Office
3. Million Dollar Point
4. Blue Lagoon Swimming
5. Mele Cascades

          Apart from these shared references here, one can still discover many exciting facts and activities in the country by visiting their existing websites. So don't waste your time, book one exciting holiday to this wonderful country called Vanuato.