Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Mornington Peninsula

        As previously mentioned, the state of Victoria is such a rich state in many matters like natural resources, dairy products, cultural traditions etc. One of its richness is its richness in scenic spots and various  tourist attractions which could not escape the eyes and taste of any visitor. 
Photo by Marc Zimmer on Unsplash

         Thus allow me to share on today's post Victoria's famous tourist destination,  the Mornington Peninsula. "It is a peninsula located south-east of Melbourne, Victoria. It is surrounded by Port Phillip to the west, Western Port to the east and Bass Strait to the south, And it is connected to the mainland in the north. Geographically the peninsula begins its protrusion from the mainland in the area between Pearcedale and an area south of Frankston. "- source- Wikipedia- the free encyclopedia

         Depending on one's interests, yet allow me to share here some information about Mornington Peninsula.

* " Possible Marine Activities: the uniqueness of this diving area includes different types of places of interests such as its sandy beaches to the ruggedness of its mountains. Areas popular to visitors are:

1. Bayplay- 3755 pt Nepean Road Portsea
2. Bay Fish N Trips- Mornington Pier, Schnapper point Dr, Mornington
3. Moonraker Dolphin Swims- 7 George Street, Sorrento (bookings essential)

* Several land attractions and activities: one can have plenty of options here to share with others noteworthy activities such as exploring the rugged terrain of the place, or try tree surfing and if not, find yourself lost and survived the challenging mazes.

1. Arthurs Seat Eagle- 1085 Arthurs Seat Road, Dromana, 
2. Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens- 15 Shoreham Rd, Shoreham
3. The Enchanted Adventure Garden - Mazes and Tube Slides- 55 Purves Road, Arthurs Seat

* Golf Courses and Resorts- for those golf enthusiasts out there, enjoy the 18 courses to choose from both senior and social golfers. Meet new friends by engaging yourself to a funfilled  round of golf.

1. Bay Views Golf Course- Elizabeth Dr, Rosebud
2. Mercure Portsea Golf Club- 46 London Bridge Rd, Portsea
3. Mt. Martha Golf Course- Forest Dr, Mt Martha"

         Aside from these exciting line up of possible activities shared here, there are other wonderful places of interests that one can cherish. For more information about the place, visit their website: www.visitmorningtonpeninsula.org


Saturday, 6 January 2018


          October 2017- I, my family and some friends had the chance to enjoy the view of the state forest up to the highest point of the Mornington Peninsula aboard the Arthurs Seat Eagle. As one of the tourist attractions of Victoria, this state of the art gondola and termed as Eagle can carry passengers from the summit of Arthurs Seat going down to the Base station and vice versa. 

         On top of it, it also has a combination of enclosed and open cabins to provide an all weather experience for passengers.

For 15 minutes, the passengers can enjoy the view from the top seeing the wonderful scenery of Mornington Peninsula including Dromana itself.

          According to its recent history, "the Gondolas was installed in 2016. This happened after the previous chairlift suffered and encountered accidents thus resulting to its years of planning and looking for a new management.
By early 2013, the old pylons were removed and the top stations was demolished. The Arthurs Seat lookout tower was also demolished after many years of being unsafe to operate due to concrete cancer. 

          In June 2014, Mornington Shire Council approved the plans for the new chairlift. Construction works for the new chair lift- the Skylift- and associated upper and lower complexes began in 2015 and was due to be completed in the Summer of 2016/2017." ---Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthurs_Seat,_Victoria

            With the surrounding panorama, we could not help but greatly appreciate what we observed around us. After the ride, we visited the rest of the scenes at the peak and shared our bountiful blessings. Thus, for any visitor of Victoria, local and non- local,
if ever he has the chance to visit Arthurs Eagle Seat, then he will surely appreciate everything on it.


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Come to Vanuato

          Wanting to go to any island in the Pacific? Then try spending your time in the beautiful country of Vanuato. " This famous island is situated in the South Pacific ocean. This archipelago is some 1,740 kilometer east of northern Australia, 540 kilometeres northeast of New Caledonia and southeast of the Solomon Islands and west of Fiji.

         Just a bit on the part of its history, in the 1880s both France and the United Kingdom both claimed parts of the archipelago and in the 1906, they agreed on a framework for jointly managing the archipelago as the New Hebrides through an Anglo-French condominium."  - Source: Wikipedia- the Free Encyclopedia

         When you are inside this beautiful country already, some suggestions on what to do are the following: visiting their heritage and art, touring around the various parts of the country and enjoying the outdoor with the family, or if you are a fan of different exquisiteness, you can also explore the richness in their food offerings

         On the other hand, some of the points of interests as well as landmarks are listed below:

1. Million Dollar Bay
2. Underwater Post Office
3. Million Dollar Point
4. Blue Lagoon Swimming
5. Mele Cascades

          Apart from these shared references here, one can still discover many exciting facts and activities in the country by visiting their existing websites. So don't waste your time, book one exciting holiday to this wonderful country called Vanuato.


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Exploring The South Coast in New South Wales

          Those nature lovers out there know exactly the richness of wonders in the South Coast area of the New South Wales. Scenic beaches, rugged mountains, breath taking cliffs and many more- these are some of the exciting worth exploring sites of the vast region of New South Wales especially in the South Coast areas. 

Some of those interesting areas are:

1. Bodalla State Forest- those who love rainforest will surely enjoy Bodalla State Forest. An interesting family destination, it has a 700 m rainforest walk passing through mossy, grey myrtle forest filled with birdlife and a magnificent view across Narooma and the coast.

2. Mimosa Rocks National Park- situated 10 kms north of Tathra along the  Bermagul-Tathra Rd, it offers a 16 km volcanic-rock coastline and this has been sculpted by water into cliffs and weather, rock stacks and jutting headlands.
image credit:
Its beaches also offer a perfect place for swimming, snorkelling and fishing.

3. Pebbly Beach Camping Area- it is a tranquil and sheltered camping area with low hills and populated with laid-back wallabies, which at times would wander through campsites and lounge on the grass beside the beach. This well known destination can be reached via Mt. Agony Road off the Princess Highway. 

4. Aragunnu Camping Area- accessible along the Aragunnu Rd off the Bermagul-Tathra Rd, and it is about 25 km south of Bermagul. There is an alternative route and an easy way- this is done by walking the northern and southern picnic areas plus a 200 m boardwalk that leads to a lookout over the intriguing Mimosa Rocks. Offering a variety of sites, some sheltered in among the bloodwoods and cycads at the south end, while others are in a more open clearing near the path of Mimosa Rocks. 

          Hence with this short list plus other noteworthy destinations found online, don't wait for too long to explore any of these destinations. And whether it is summer or winter, the South Coast has plenty of wonderful places to explore with. 

Source and reference: Camping Around Australia 
                                     Explore Australia Publishing Pty Ltd
                                     Ground Floor, Building 1, 658 Church Street,
                                      Richmond, VIC 3121


Sunday, 23 July 2017

South Korea: What An Awesome Place

South Korea- a famous tourist destinations in Asia. Basing on its geographical location it is surrounded by neighbouring countries like China and Japan as bound by their maritime boundaries. 

And to name some of the famous cities of South Korea, here are some of them: 

1. "Seoul- population of 10,349,312
2. Busan- population of 3,678,555
3. Incheon- population of 2,628,000
4. Daegu- population of 2,566,540
5. Daejeon- population of 1,475,221
6. Gwangju- population of 1,416,938
7. Suwon- population 1,242,724
8. Goyang- population of 1,073,069
9. Seongnam- population of 1,031,935
10. Ulsan- population of 962,865 "

Source: http://www.geonames.org/KR/largest-cities-in-cities-in-south-korea.html


Every country all throughout the world has something special to offer to its visitors. In South Korea, here are some places of interests then:

1. Changdeokgung Palace
2. Gyenongbokgung
3. Seoul Tower
4. In Jeju South Korea, these are some of the interesting places: 
Udo, Halla Mountain and National Park, Manjang Cave, 
5. While in Busan, these are the favourite hot spots: Haedong Yonggung Temple, Haeundae Beach, Yondusan Park

For travel to South Korea, here are some of the needed visa in order to enter the country:
1. Working Holiday Visa (H-1)- issued to young adult foreigners in some countries which have reciprocal agreements with South Korea. Holders of this visa are allowed to stay in the country for up to one year and in some employment activities as well as some educational activities. These countries are : Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, France, and others.

2. Overseas Study
3. Corporate Investment
4. Foreign Language Testing
5. Residency (F-2 Visa" - source: Wikipedia- the free encyclopedia

Hence, anyone who wishes to see and enjoy the greatness of South Korea, you can start visiting those famous places then conquer the countryside. As promising as they are, for sure your memories in those places will constantly remind you how excellent the country is. 



Saturday, 27 May 2017

South West Coast of Victoria

          Victoria is one of the states of Australia and famous for its numerous places of interests such as museums, beaches for swimming and for surfing plus other water sports, camping and hiking, nature trekking and many more. One of its famous places is its South West coast territory which basically is composed of the coastline between Geelong on the Western edge of Port Phillip and the equally familiar town of Nelson down near the SA border.

          And for those whose interest is into camping, sharing with you on this post a few of the interesting campsites which are specifically located in parks and reserves: 

" 1. Cobboboonee National Park- oftenly described as a combination of wetlands, forests and heathlands,  one can reach this area by traversing through the Princess Hwy between Portland and Datmoor. This site is quite popular to those who are fond of hikinh and horseriding. 

2. Blanket Bay Camping Area- situated near the ocean beach going to the South West of Apollo Bay, this is one of the early favourites for those who love nature and trekking activities. And if one wishes to continue a little more along the way, he then can found the familiar  Historic Cape Otway Light Station. 

3. Hammonds Road Camping Area- plenty of open space at this campground up in the far north of the national park. Back towards the coast close to Aireys Inlet, nice short walks include the easy Distillery Creek Nature Trail and the Moggs Creek Circuit. 

4. Sharps Track Camping Area- this one is up on the hinterland behing Lorne. To stretch your legs, head to the nearby Sheoak Picnic Area and follow the well-graded trail to Upper and Lower Kalimna Falls. "  

Source- Camping Around Australia published by Explore Australia Publishing Pty and Ltd. 2013 

          Thus check one of those mentioned camping sites above and enjoy your nature friendly activities together with your loved ones. Free yourself from stress by embracing nature. 

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Working Abroad: Is It Positive or Negative?

          Nowadays, a large number of people travel far away from home in order to find a decent job. Indeed lots of sacrifices are being offered so as to materialise such big dreams for loved ones. Bringing bright future to the family is always a priority to families and this is very inspiring though as its downside, very difficult as well. Just the simple thought of not being able to be physically present to one's family means a lot of pain on both sides. 

          The situation becomes more challenging when the children are still young. Being young, this is the period that they need the most the guidance coming from both mother and father. What makes it harder is the phenomenon nowadays that too much advancement has been happening around us and the possibilities of either growth or decline  of the children is oftentimes a reality.

         That now has become a strong challenge on those who want to spend time and work far away from home. Though it is also true that the fruits of all these sacrifices are bountiful but all affected individuals (both kids and grown ups) must be prepared to face the consequence of such choice. 

          In the end, weighing all possibilities plays a big role in the success or the reverse of  the decision. Being present to the family is very crucial while on the other hand, bringing them a bright future is also another huge consideration. Hence, reflect for a long time things and options properly before deciding to stay away from your loved ones.