Saturday 10 February 2024

Best Places to Visit In Victoria Australia in 2024

          Victoria is a beautiful state in Australia with many attractions and activitiues to enjoy. According to National Geographic, it is one of the most exciting destinations to visit in the world. Here are some  of the latest places to visit in 2024 based on various sources.

1. Philip Island- the island is famous for its wildlife, especially the Penguin parade, where you can watch thousands of little penguins return to their burrows at sunset. You can also visit the Philip Island  Chocolate Factory where you can see the largest chocolate waterfall and indulge in some sweet treats.

2. The Grampians- this is a stunning National park with rugged mountains, waterfalls, Aboriginal rock art, and diverse flora and fauna. You can hike, camp, rock climb, or take a scenic drive through the park and admire the views. 

3. Mornington Peninsula- this is a popular seaside destination with sandy beaches, natural hot springs, wineries, golf courses, and charming towns. . You can relax, swim, surf, sail, or pamper yourself at the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs. 

4. Bendigo- this is a historic city that was once the centre of the gold rush in Victoria. You can explore the heritage buildings, museums, art galleries, and gardens, or try a luck at finding gold at Soveriegn Hill, a recreated 19th century mining town.

5. Healesville- this is a quaint town in the Yarra Valley, a renowned wine region in Victoria. You can taste some of the finest wines, cheeses and chocolates or visit the Healesville Sancturary, a wildlife park that showcases native Australian animals.

6. Daylesford- this is a spa town that is known for its mineral of springs, wellness centres and holistic therapies. You can rejuvenite your body and mind, or explore the surrounding countryside, which has lakes, forests and gardens.

Image by xiSerge from Pixabay

7. Dandenong Ranges- this is a mountain range that offers a tranquil escape from the city. You can enjoy the lush greenery, exotic plants and wildlife or take a ride on the puffing billy, a historic steam train that runs through the hills.

8. Ballarat- this. is another city that has a rich gold rush history and culture. You can visit the Ballarat Wildlife Park, where you can see kangaroes, koalas, crocodiles, and other animals. It is also the 3rd largest city in Victoria and known for its 1851 gold rush.

          Hence these are but just a few of those interesting palces that one can visit when in Victoria Australia. 

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