Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Mornington Peninsula

        As previously mentioned, the state of Victoria is such a rich state in many matters like natural resources, dairy products, cultural traditions etc. One of its richness is its richness in scenic spots and various  tourist attractions which could not escape the eyes and taste of any visitor. 
Photo by Marc Zimmer on Unsplash

         Thus allow me to share on today's post Victoria's famous tourist destination,  the Mornington Peninsula. "It is a peninsula located south-east of Melbourne, Victoria. It is surrounded by Port Phillip to the west, Western Port to the east and Bass Strait to the south, And it is connected to the mainland in the north. Geographically the peninsula begins its protrusion from the mainland in the area between Pearcedale and an area south of Frankston. "- source- Wikipedia- the free encyclopedia

         Depending on one's interests, yet allow me to share here some information about Mornington Peninsula.

* " Possible Marine Activities: the uniqueness of this diving area includes different types of places of interests such as its sandy beaches to the ruggedness of its mountains. Areas popular to visitors are:

1. Bayplay- 3755 pt Nepean Road Portsea
2. Bay Fish N Trips- Mornington Pier, Schnapper point Dr, Mornington
3. Moonraker Dolphin Swims- 7 George Street, Sorrento (bookings essential)

* Several land attractions and activities: one can have plenty of options here to share with others noteworthy activities such as exploring the rugged terrain of the place, or try tree surfing and if not, find yourself lost and survived the challenging mazes.

1. Arthurs Seat Eagle- 1085 Arthurs Seat Road, Dromana, 
2. Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens- 15 Shoreham Rd, Shoreham
3. The Enchanted Adventure Garden - Mazes and Tube Slides- 55 Purves Road, Arthurs Seat

* Golf Courses and Resorts- for those golf enthusiasts out there, enjoy the 18 courses to choose from both senior and social golfers. Meet new friends by engaging yourself to a funfilled  round of golf.

1. Bay Views Golf Course- Elizabeth Dr, Rosebud
2. Mercure Portsea Golf Club- 46 London Bridge Rd, Portsea
3. Mt. Martha Golf Course- Forest Dr, Mt Martha"

         Aside from these exciting line up of possible activities shared here, there are other wonderful places of interests that one can cherish. For more information about the place, visit their website: www.visitmorningtonpeninsula.org


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