Saturday, 21 August 2021

The Beauty of Ireland

    Ireland is a place that should be included in one's bucket list for travelling.  This country is well known for its being wild yet such a very wonderful country. Ireland actually is an island that belongs to the north Atlantic Ocean, and it is also known fore being divided into two: Ireland which occupies five- sixths of Ireland Island, and west of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, this one being a part of the United Kingdom. 

    With regard to its population, it is not yet considered as a big country and as a matter of fact, one- third of its people live in Dublin which is also known for being its capital.  Dublin which means "town of the hurdled ford" is derived from the Irish name Dubhlinn, meaning "black pool". This is situated in the province of Leinster near the midpoint of Ireland's east coast, as the mouth of the River Liffe and the centre of the Dublin Region"- from Wikipedia, free encyclopedia.

    One of those many reasons why Ireland is so popular to visitors especially to tourists is the people itself. Local Ireland people are known to be so friendly to visitors. They're such a hardworking group and they own that passion for a less stressful life. When it comes to their families, they also practice and maintain close family ties among them.    

         One other area in which the country is known for is its love for literature. All throughout their history, Irish people are known to be so rich when it comes to loving and preserving the country's literature. In fact, listed as one of the famous authors who contributed a vast and made a positive impression of Ireland itself is Christy Nicholas. She has written some books and a popular one is focused on Ireland. The title of this book is Ireland- Mythical, Magical, Mystical: A Guide to Hidden Ireland. 

    Sharing with you an excerpt from this famous author, " I've been to Ireland several times, and it holds a special place in my heart. Ireland is 'mo anam an Blaile", my soul's home in Irish. It is a place I feel comforted, warm and welcome.  I wish to share some of this peace and serenity with others. Please, feel free to join me in my journey through Ireland, its history, mystery and magic."

    Hence, if time allows for travel, include in your bucket list this wonderful and magnificent country called Ireland. 


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