Thursday, 1 June 2023

Visit to Myrtleford, Victoria

     Bonding moments with the family is always something special for me. And last April of this year, me and my family had the chance to visit one of the iconic places here in Victoria Australia. Just to give everyone a little background of Myrtleford, allow me to share with you the following facts about it here:

" Myrtleford- is a town situated in the northeast part of Victoria, Australia and that is 280 km (170 miles) northeast of Melbourne and 46 km (29 mikes) southeast of Wangaratta. It is part of the Alpine Shire local government area and in the year 2016, it had a population of about 3,193 people."  - Source-

     Hence, we stayed there for two days and two nights in one of their popular hotels- the Myrtleford Hotel. As soon as we arrived in the place, we started right away exploring the busy downtown area with all the visiting local and international travellers in town. When we were there, they had a festival wherein food of various kinds plus live band were on display. Then when we had the chance we went to Bright, another popular tourist destination due to its heaps if exciting sceneries and wide variety of flowers that become so delightful to the eyes especially on seasons of Fall and Autumn. 

     Then we also had the time to visit Mount Beauty and we were mesmerised by the excellent display of mother nature in the area. Their collection of flowers and plants were great plus the surrounding mountains depict such a feeling of awe and stillness. Hence, we always savour our memories in those places and we are ones of those fortunate people to see them in person. 


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